Season’s Greetings and Christmas Closure

Photo of a Christmas tree made of books

Image ‘Bibliojela’ (a Christmas tree made of books) by ToopaGia.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Copac team!

The Copac office will be closed from 24th December and will reopen on the 4th January.

The Copac service will be available over Christmas and New Year, but there will be no helpdesk support. Any queries sent over this period will be dealt with when we return.


Using EndNote and Reference Manager

The recent hardware move means that there have been some changes in how EndNote and Reference Manager need to connect to Copac. For EndNote, there is a new connection filter available for download.

If you’re using Reference Manager to search Copac through Z39.50, you’ll need to change the port it’s connecting to. Choose ‘configure hosts’ from the internet hosts screen, select the University of Manchester, then click ‘properties’. Change the port number from 2100 to 210. This will allow you to connect to Copac as usual.

If you experience any issues, please contact the helpdesk.