Using EndNote and Reference Manager

The recent hardware move means that there have been some changes in how EndNote and Reference Manager need to connect to Copac. For EndNote, there is a new connection filter available for download.

If you’re using Reference Manager to search Copac through Z39.50, you’ll need to change the port it’s connecting to. Choose ‘configure hosts’ from the internet hosts screen, select the University of Manchester, then click ‘properties’. Change the port number from 2100 to 210. This will allow you to connect to Copac as usual.

If you experience any issues, please contact the helpdesk.

New Copac Database

This morning we released a new version of the Copac database. Internally the database is based around a MODS XML record. This makes it much easier for us to provide COinS, show records with non-Roman scripts, provide more download formats and generally improves our life by making the records a lot easier to work with. There is now much more scope for us to provide new facilities in the future.

We have tried to keep the user interface compatible with the old one, though we have introduced a few new features. One new feature is the ability to mark records across multiple result sets and then download all the marked records in one go.

We know some people embed our search URLs in their web pages and we have tried to maintain compatibility across the various versions of our web interface going back over 10 years. If we have broken any old URLs let us know and we’ll fix it if we can.

The records delivered by our Z39.50 service have changed. And again, we have tried to make the Z39.50 SUTRS and GRS-1 records compatible with the ones delivered from the old database. The XML record served by Z39.50 is now a MODS record, which should be much more useful to other services that are using our records. Hopefully the MODS record will be so useful, that people will eventually stop using the other record formats.