We have introduced RSS 1.0 feeds into the search interface (currently only our v3 interface.) After you have performed a search you will see the feed icon next to the search terms at the top of the search results page. The feed icon points to an RSS 1.0 feed for the search you have just performed. Depending on the software you are using, you may be able to drag and drop the icon into your RSS feed reader to setup the feed.

The Copac RSS feeds only show records loaded into our database within the last fortnight. Hence when initially setting up the feed you may not see all the records that your search found.

We see the RSS service as a type of saved search feature for Copac. The feed should alert you to new material as it is loaded into Copac. A downside to this may become apparent when one of our contributing libraries decides to change library system. The usual effect of this is that we have to delete and reload all of their records — hence that libraries records will re-appear in the RSS feed. Libraries also update records from time-to-time and this may result in records re-appearing in the RSS feed.

Let us know if you use the RSS feeds and whether or not they have been useful to you. (The RSS feeds should be appearing in the main Copac interface at the end of March 2007. Until then they are only in our v3 interface.)