Introducing the Jisc Library Hub Discover pilot service

At the end of July 2019 Copac and SUNCAT will be replaced by the new Jisc Library Hub Discover service. This will continue to be freely available to everyone and will enable you to find details and locations of resources across the UK.

A pilot service has been launched so please try out the the new pilot Library Hub Discover interface and provide us with feedback:

The interface is still being developed so please use the feedback link towards the end of each page to comment on the service as it changes and as new features are introduced.

The main differences in the new service will be:

  • A much wider range of libraries will be contributing to the Library Hub Discover service, including many more UK University libraries. So if you are a member of a UK university there is a good chance your own library will be a contributor, allowing you to see your local library materials as well as those of other institutions.
  • The search interface is being redesigned, retaining many of the basic features of Copac and SUNCAT, but with a new look and feel and with new facilities planned, including the ability to filter search results by a range of criteria.

As part of the development process we are reviewing feedback from our user survey last year as well as taking note of all the comments we get from events and directly through the web site. So please take the opportunity to see what is happening and comment on changes as the interface is developing.

Note: This is a pilot service so many things are not yet complete:

  • The Library Hub Discover database is not complete and we are loading new contributing library catalogues each week. Once added the data is being maintained, although not all libraries are currently sending regular updates. You can see which libraries are included so far on the Library Hub Discover – About page.
  • The interface is still quite basic, more search facilities and other features will be added as work continues; the latest changes will be highlighted on the search screen.

The Library Hub Discover service is part of a wider programme of work to enhance existing Jisc library support services and bring them together in a way that makes them easier to work with. Library Hub Discover is one of the first pilots to be released along with the Library Hub Cataloguing service, with Library Hub Compare to follow. There is more information about the Jisc Transforming Library Support Services work on the TLSS project blog.

One thought on “Introducing the Jisc Library Hub Discover pilot service

  1. I am a frequent user of COPAC living outside UK. Among several catalogues I use, worldwide, this one stands out as my all-time favourite, beating even Library of Congress. I find your catalogue comprehensive and quite informative (if not exhaustive ;-)), and exporting to literature management tools like Zotero has never been easier. I hope with the upgrade of COPAC to libraryhub we will see even more flexibility and further unleash the power of joint online university catalogues./