Catalogue of Historic England Library added to Copac

We are pleased to announce that the records of the Historic England Library have been added to Copac.

Rare books at the Historic England Library

Rare books at the Historic England Library

The Historic England Library contains extensive collections on the archaeology and architecture of England. Contents date from the late 1500s up to the present day, with parts of the collection inherited from The Ministry of Works. This includes the Mayson Beeton Collection, a collection of some 830 books focused on London and its surroundings, dating from 1633 to 1940.

Other collection strengths include long runs of national and county periodicals, and material collected on specific geographic areas.

The Library contains approximately 60,000 book titles, reports, pamphlets, etc., along with 1200 periodical titles, of which c.400 are active. The collection is reference only.

The Historic England catalogue also includes records for titles freely downloadable from the Historic England Research Report Series gateway and the Historic England publications database.

For more information see the Historic England Library’s information page on Copac.

To browse their records, select the Main Search tab on Copac and choose ‘Historic England’ from the list of libraries.

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