Record error reports button

The eagle-eyed among you may have already spotted that the ‘Does this record have errors?’ button is no longer included in the Copac records.

This feature was introduced, initially as an experiment, a couple of years ago and we’ve been really pleased by the way people have responded – identifying problems and supplying information that we can pass on to our contributors. This helps them clean up their local database and in turn improve Copac.

However, the response has been such that at the moment we can’t keep up with the number of error reports. Our blog post from May 2013 explains the processes and time taken around correcting errors in Copac:

This can usually be absorbed into our workflow but the Copac team has reached a particularly busy point this summer, with two major factors affecting our capacity to deal with the error reports:

* We’re due to release the new Copac database in a few weeks (watch this space!)

* Staff changes mean we’re stretched on the Copac support side at the moment.

The decision to switch off the feature wasn’t taken lightly! However, we do plan to bring this back. We are looking at ways to streamline the handling of error reports to make it easier for us to support, at which point we will reintroduce this feature.

Meanwhile, we’re very grateful to all Copac users who’ve given us feedback using the button.

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