National Trust libraries loaded

Library at Dunham Massey

Library at Dunham Massey

We are pleased to announce that the libraries of the National Trust are now live on Copac. This is the first time that the National Trust’s catalogue has been available to search online.

The National Trust owns 140 historic libraries, containing around 230,000 titles, generally preserved in the places where they were originally assembled and read. Many are country house libraries, some collected by wealthy bibliophiles, others containing more practical everyday books, including rare provincial printing. Other collections reflect the interests of middle-class readers; some were assembled by literary figures, such as Kipling and Shaw.

Together these libraries provide an unparalleled resource for the study of the history of private book ownership in Britain and Ireland. The collections will be of interest to researchers from a wide range of disciplines, and include a huge variety of materials, from illuminated manuscripts to picture postcards.

For fuller details please see the National Trust’s Books and Manuscripts collection webpages, or contact You can also see the National Trust’s library page on Copac.

We are confident that exposure of these exciting resources will be of great benefit to the education and research communities.

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