Bradford Special Collections data added

We have now loaded records for the University of Bradford’s Special Collections. This is in addition to the records already on Copac for Bradford’s Russian and Eastern European Studies (REES) holdings.

Named collections include the Mitrinović Library, the J B Priestley and Jaquetta Hawkins Collections, and the Commonweal Collection. Subject strengths include peace studies; Latin American history and politics; archaeology; history of Bradford and Yorkshire; religion; and the history of science, technology, and medicine. These collections have been added as part of the Challenge Fund.

Digital image of Stari Most copyright the University of Bradford.

Database update

We’ve had a recurrence of the problem I reported a month ago and so last night we installed an update to the database software we use. I’m told the update contains fixes relevant to the problems we have been experiencing, so here’s hoping it brings some increased reliability with it.

Please accept out apologies if you experienced some disruption last night while I was updating the software.