Logging in to Copac: some tips

Now that you have the option to log-in to Copac to use the personalisation features, here are some tips to make logging in as easy as possible.

Typekey/Typepad:  if you have a Typekey or Typepad account, and were wondering where your login option was, worry no longer!  From the drop-down list of organisations on the login page, you need to choose ‘JISC project: SDSS (TypeKey Bridge)’.  It’s not immediately obvious, but it is the correct login option for any TypeKey users.

Navigating the list:  the list of organisations is very long, and weighted heavily towards ‘U’.  To navigate it more easily, you can jump straight to any letter by typing it on your keyboard.  You may find it even easier to enter a keyword search in the search box.  This will work for partial words as well – entering ‘bris’ will give you the options of the City of Bristol College and the University of Bristol.

Remembering your selection:  once you have found your organisation, there are options to have your selection remembered, either for that session (the default) or for a week.  You can also choose ‘do not remember’, which is especially useful if you are on a public computer.

Please contact us if you experience any problems with logging in to Copac.

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