Copac Beta tweaks

[Jargon alert] I just noticed that the Shibboleth TargetedIds (read anonymised usernames) we are seeing when people log into Copac Beta are much longer than I expected. Some of them may have become truncated when saved in our user database. So, I’ve just increased the field size in the database. This may mean that some people will have lost their search history and references. Sorry about that. But a Beta test version is all about finding out about such niggles.

Thanks for persevering everyone.

[Added 30/3/2009] Tagging in ‘My references’ currently broken. We’re looking into it and hope to have it fixed soon.

[31/3/2009] Tagging issues now look to be fixed. However, when I was looking through the logs I spotted another problem which may reveal the reason some people are having difficulties searching Beta. Investigations are in progress.

[1/4/2009] It looks like some people are unable to gain access to Copac Beta because their Identity Provider isn’t providing us with an anonymised userid, or to use the jargon, a TargetedID. We do need this so we know which is your Search History and References.

There’s not a lot we can do about this. It is up to your Institution to release the TargetedID to us. However, if you are getting a “Login Failed” message please contact us, telling us which Institution you are from and we’ll try hassling your system admins.

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