Persistent identifiers for Copac records

If you know the record number of a Copac record, there is now a simple url that will return you the record in MODS XML format. The urls take the following form:<record-number>. For instance, the work “China tide : the revealing story of the Hong Kong exodus to Canada” has a Copac Record Number of 72008715609 and can be linked to with the url

Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at adding these links to the Copac Full record pages and also introducing links to Bookmarking web sites such as

4 thoughts on “Persistent identifiers for Copac records

  1. This is excellent stuff. It would be very interesting to look at how COPAC might interact with the local catalogue of one of the contributing institutions – I need some time/space to think about this, but I’m sure there is some stuff to be exploited here.

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