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We have re-enabled links to Google Book Search, again. I you haven’t already seen these links, they appear in the sidebar of the Full Record display underneath the menu and cover image. The link text will read either as either “Google Full View”, “Google Preview” or “Google Book Search” depending on the amount and type of information held by Google.

Javascript embedded within the Full Record page connects to Google Book Search to determine if Google hold information on the work. This enables us to show links to Google only when there is something useful to see when you follow the link. The downside to this is that Google will log the IP address of your computer, any Cookies they have previously set on your browser and the ISBN of the work you are viewing; even if you don’t follow the link.

Some of our users expressed concerns about being forced to link to Google and so we changed the way in which the connect to Google was performed. We had a small script on our server act as an intermediary between your computer and Google. That way your computer was only talking to our server and all the connects to Google Book Search originated from our server. This worked okay for a short amount of time until our script was blocked by Google — the message sent back to our script from Google was that “your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application.” Which I can understand. We did try contacting people at Google to see if there was any way we could keep using our script. All we’ve had from Google is a deathly silence.

So we’ve re-instated the links to Google Book Search and we now have a Preferences page which enables you to turn the links off if you don’t like Google being able to track what you do on Copac. You will need cookies enabled on your browser for the Preference settings to work. The link to the Preferences page appears in the sidebar menu on the search forms and Full and Brief record displays.

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