ESTC search through Copac available again

The English Short Title Catalogue (ESTC) is again available through Copac after some work at the British Library. You will now be seeing ESTC records in your Copac search results. Unfortunately, searches that find a large number of records on ESTC can be slow and will require patience. This should affect only a small proportion of searches, but if you are having particular difficulties let us know so we are aware of the extent of the problem.

Searching of ESTC through Copac suspended

Unfortunately the British Library has decided their English Short Title Catalogue (ESTC) service cannot support the levels of usage that resulted from making ESTC available through Copac. Thus for the time being searching of ESTC through Copac has been suspended and you will not find ESTC records in your Copac search results. We are discussing the problem with the British Library and we hope that a solution to the problem will be found fairly quickly.

New version of Copac released, includes searching ESTC at the British Library

We have released a new version of Copac. The main change is that your searches are now carried out both on Copac and on the English Short Title Catalogue (ESTC) at the British Library. The records retrieved from ESTC are merged into a single result set with the results from the Copac database. In the Copac ‘Main search’ screen ESTC is included in the ‘Libraries’ list field. Thus it is possible to restrict a search to ESTC alone, or to combine it with one or more other libraries eg. ESTC and the Register of Preservation Surrogates. The ESTC catalogue includes details of materials published between c.1473 and 1800, largely English language publications from Britain and America.

In addition, in the Full record display there is now a ‘Printer friendly’ option in the menu on the right of the screen. This takes you to a version of the Full Record display that excludes all the page navigation and any book cover image. This makes for a more concise display that is useful if you want to quickly print out a single record. Use your browser ‘Back’ button to return to the Full Record display.

If you want to print multiple records from your search results you might be better to Mark the records you want then use the Download option. On the Download screen, if you ‘Save the records to a file’ this normally shows the chosen records in your browser window. You can then use your browser to print the records. The Download screen gives you a choice of record formats and shorter records, so you will get several records to a printed page.