University of Sheffield catalogue load complete

We have finished loading the catalogue of the University of Sheffield Library.

This incorporates details of materials in the range of University of Sheffield libraries, including medical libraries. There are also Special Collections of pre-1850 materials, representing documents published during the past 500 years.

of the Information Commons at the University of Sheffield by artq55:

Adding book reviews, tables-of-contents etc. to Copac records

We have started adding extra content to many Copac records. This includes:

  • Reviews
  • Tables-of contents
  • Summaries
  • Author biographical details
  • Links to related web sites, such as an author’s own web site
  • Suggested reading age and interest age

The tables-of-contents and summaries are included in the Subject search, whilst all the new information is searchable through the Keyword search. This should make it easier to find books on a subject, particularly for very precise subjects. It should also make it easier to decide whether a book you’ve found is likely to be of real interest.

Many Copac records now include this additional content information, and more is being added on a regular basis. We hope you like the new record content and that you find it useful.

The additional record contents are supplied under an agreement with Nielsen BookData which has been funded by CURL.

University of Manchester catalogue load complete

We have completed loading the catalogue of the University of Manchester onto Copac. Since the merger of the two institutions the University of Manchester catalogue now includes the catalogue of the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) Library.

As well as being a major academic library, the University of Manchester also incorporates the John Rylands Library Deansgate which houses one of the most spectacular collections of rare books and manuscripts in the world.

The Image of the John Rylands University Library is used by the kind permission of Kirk Northrop and is also © Copyright Kirk Northrop.

Institute of Education’s records added

Records from the Institute of Education’s online catalogue have been added to Copac.

The Institute of Education has the “largest collection in Europe of learned books and periodicals on educational studies”. The library covers all aspects of education both in the UK and internationally. It also covers education-related topics such as psychology, philosophy, sociology and linguistics. The library has 22 special collections (although not all are available on Copac) which are mainly historical but some, such as the Official Publications collection, contain current materials.

The records have been loaded as part of the Copac Challenge Fund.

Photo by stevecadman