University of Essex’s Latin American collection added to Copac

Records for Latin American materials at the University of Essex have been added
to Copac. Copac already contains records for the REES (Russian and East European Studies) collection.

The Latin American collection contains materials from and about all countries of Latin America, the greatest number of records covering Argentina, Brazil and Mexico whilst the Uruguayan and Chilean holdings are among the most extensive in the UK. The principal languages are Spanish and Portuguese. The subjects reflect the Latin American teaching a research strengths within the university which cover most of the humanities and social sciences: art history, economic and social history, history, language, literature and politics.

It contains a significant collection of reference works: bibliographies, encyclopaedias, dictionaries and atlases. Minor specialities have been developed in:

  • Latin American cinema
  • Brazilian chapbooks (literatura de cordel)
  • Mexican codices in facsimile

University of Essex’s Latin American records have been added as part of the Challenge Fund.

Photo of the University library by access.denied:

Cathedral Libraries Catalogue loaded

The Cathedral Libraries catalogue has been loaded onto Copac. This catalogue includes details of materials printed on the continent of Europe before 1701 and held in the libraries of 37 Anglican Cathedrals of England and Wales. Records for Cathedral Libraries books printed in the British Isles and British America and English books printed elsewhere are included in the English Short Title Catalogue.

The Cathedral Libraries catalogue is a “historic” catalogue representing the holdings of the cathedrals during the mid to late twentieth century when it was first created, so there is no guarantee that all the books in the catalogue are still in their original location, notably the library of Ely Cathedral was sold in 1972. For access to materials recorded on the catalogue it is important to contact the relevant cathedral library to ensure the document is available and to check access arrangements.

Further details of the Cathedral Libraries catalogue.