Copac in Facebook

In May this year Facebook opened up their platform to allow users to create their own applications. We’ve used this create an app so you can search Copac from your profile.

You’ll need a Facebook profile to add the app. You can register for free here

To add the app:

  • Go to
  • If you haven’t already done so, log in to Facebook
  • Click the blue ‘Add Copac Search’ button
  • This will add the search box (shown above) to the right hand column and a link in the left hand column
  • You can now search Copac!

It can also be found by searching for ‘Copac Search’ in the application directory.

Any comments are very welcome – either here or on the application page.

***EDIT – 1/11/07*** If you’ve been having any problems with the app, on your profile try clicking the link under the search box on the left hand of the screen. This should take you to a page which shows only the search box. When you return to your profile it should have updated to the latest version. If you are still having problems try removing and then reinstalling the app. If it still doesn’t work then please get in touch and I will try again!

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