Umbrella 2007 and Documentation

Last week members of the Copac team were helping out at the joint MIMAS and Edina stand at the Umbrella 2007 Conference and Exhibition in Hatfield.

There are still many people in the academic community (never mind the general public) who do not know about Copac and the other MIMAS and Edina services. Attending exhibitions such as Umbrella enables us to meet users, get some feedback and, hopefully, gain a few more users.

Several librarians attending the exhibition enquired about promotional materials that they could hand out to their users. We have created a range of flyers and userguides for Copac including A3 and A4 posters, A5 flyers, 3-fold A4 userguides and small quick-guides. If you would like a selection of these for your library or department (free of charge to Higher and Further Education) then email us at

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