Live circulation data from Copac

We’ve recently made live circulation data available for the Universities of Cardiff and Aberdeen, as well as the St Andrews special collections.

As far as we can we provide live local information for the materials recorded on Copac. If you select a highlighted holding library name in the Full record display this gives you the Local Holdings display for that library. In most cases this will show live location details obtained from the local library system, allowing you to see copy details including whether a particular copy is on-loan and, if so, what date it is due back. This live data means you can be certain whether a document is on the shelf for requesting a loan, enquiring about copying, or arranging a visit.

There are some exceptions to this. The National Libraries do not circulate their stock in the same was as other institutions so there is no live circulation data to show. Similarly, some libraries are unable to make circulation data available. In these cases the Local Holdings display shows the stable elements of the location information that are held centrally on Copac, such as branch library name and shelfmark.

If a library system is down for any reason and the live circulation link is lost we can show these centrally held location details for any of the contributing libraries. This can be valuable for the libraries who may use Copac as a fall-back catalogue for their own users during planned or emergency local catalogue down-time.

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